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My Year In Brexit Britain

24 July, Boris Johnson Becomes Prime Minister 10 September, Start of Prorogation of Parliament 24 September, Supreme Court rules prorogation 31 October, The second intended Brexit 12–13 December, General Election and Return of Con. Majority 23 December – 7 January, Christmas and New Year Period 31 January, Brexit Day 23 March, Boris Johnson orders lockdown 26 March, Clap for Carers begins 31 May, Widespread Black Lives Matter Protests 13–15 June, Relaxing of Lockdown Measures Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul

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Our timeline is based on the findings of an ESRC funded project called ‘Brexit and Everyday Family Relationships’.  In this project, we met and developed relationships with a diverse range of families, to explore how Brexit has affected family relationships over time. Our participants took part in interviews, kept diaries, recorded themselves watching television, and maintained contact with us through Whatsapp, Facebook, texts and email. The resulting stories reveal  the ebbing and flowing of Brexit’s influence, and how it is experienced through, and managed alongside, a host of other challenges within everyday family life.

Disclaimer: The families and characters in the examples above are composites, assembled using real stories from real participants. Names and descriptions are fictional, and not intended to relate to any one person.

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