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07-15 November 2020

The House of Tracking

Why do people self-monitor for health? How do they incorporate this into the routines and spaces of their everyday life? Who is involved? And what issues does this raise for them and for wider society? Technologies for people to monitor their health have become increasingly popular and there are hopes that self-monitoring might improve people’s management of their own health and save healthcare costs. But there are still many questions about how and why people buy their own monitors, and engage in self-tracking, and the wider implications for the delivery of healthcare.

The House of Tracking is an interactive web tool that presents some of the key findings from the ‘tracking ourselves’ research project led by Dr Kate Weiner, Department of Sociological Studies. The participants’ quotes and images are located around the home to demonstrate how self-monitoring is experienced across different spaces, at different times, alone, with others; and how monitors find a place in everyday life.

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