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07-15 November 2020

Tamales – steamed filled corn cakes wrapped in corn husk from Mexico

Andira, Aris and Nasos

Sheffield, UK

Where I (Aris) was born. Where home is now. We love it for its green parks, grass and trees. I have many friends here. It is a ´lovely´ city. 

Oaxaca, Mexico

Where mamá (mom) is from. Where the abuelos (grandparents) live. Mom misses the food a lot. When abuela (grandma) visits she brings as much ingredients as she can. Whenever we can we make tamales (steamed filled corn cakes, wrapped in corn husk). We all miss the seaside and the warm weather. 

Athens, Greece

Where mpampá (dad) is from. Where giagiá  (grandma) Barbara lives.  Dad is happy to find many ingredients in Sheffield to cook Greek dishes. Among our favourite dishes are gemistá (stuffed tomatoes and peppers) and for dessert galaktopoúreko (semolina custard baked in filo pastry). 

Limassol, Cyprus

Where progiagiá (great grandma) Sotirula and aunt Dimitra live. Where dad spent his summers as a child and loves to takes me every summer since I was born. I like it when dad stops by the bakery on the way to the beach and buys me eliópites (pies stuffed with black olives)

Madrid, Spain

Where mom and dad lived before coming to Sheffield. They have many friends there and we hope to visit next year. They talk on the phone often with their friend Maria. 

New Haven in Chicago, United States

New Haven is where mom and dad met. They went to school (gradschool) together and they got married there. Their friend Giorgos lives there. We visited again when I was 1 year and half and they took me to all their favourite restaurants. Chicagos where mom’s aunt and cousins live. My cousin Kiana (daughter of mom’s brother) lives there.