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07-15 November 2020

Halwa puri – flat fried bread and semolina dessert from Pakistan


Born and raised in a coastal city of Pakistan, morning walks at the beach formed an integral part of weekends, followed by breakfast of halwa puri (flat fried bread and semolina dessert).

Scotland, UK

Loch Lomond replaced Karachi beach upon moving to Glasgow. It took a while to get used to the Scottish weather and the local accent.

Sheffield, UK

Now, the hills of the Peak District are the perfect escape. The delicious offerings at London Road rekindle the memories of desi breakfast. Not only have the lovely people of Sheffield been welcoming with their warmth, but the glens, hills and caverns embrace expatriates who call this place home. Living in three countries, never have we been friends with people coming from so diverse origins and of course born Sheffielders. In midst of all this diversity the city offers, we wear our invisible Pakistani cloaks through which we cherish our native language (Urdu), food and customs.