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07-15 November 2020

Eejits – Irish slang for “people who act stupidly”

Sheffield, UK

I made my way to work in Sheffield via Dublin (my home till I was 9), via Southend-On-Sea, via London, via Runcorn to Sheffield.

Dublin, Ireland

I still call spring onion’s ‘Scallions,’ a crust of bread a ‘heal’ and people who act stupidly ‘Eejits’. I remember family parties, when all my mother’s sisters gathered with their families. During the evening each adult member would sing a song, some traditional some modern. My father would always sing ‘Do not forsake me oh my Darling’ from the film ‘High Noon’.

I remember having to learn the ‘Catechism’ and Gaelic. And the only thing I can still say in Gaelic is, ‘may I go to the toilet please’. Phonetically spelt as ‘willcad a gum dul a mock ma shay da hully’.

I have had a bodhrán, (Irish drum) for years but still, can’t play it. And still get very emotional when I hear Irish sounding music.