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07-15 November 2020

Working Well: Behaviour in Teams

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Wed 11 November, 10:00am 60 minutes

This event has now passed. If you are interested in the Working Well workshop series, see the other sessions at the bottom of the page.

The Behaviour in Teams project has developed methods to code how people behave in team meetings and help them improve how their teams work together by giving immediate feedback on these behaviours, and the opportunity to improve. Working with over 500 teams, we have shown how giving feedback can lead to changes in subsequent behaviour and performance. In this session, we will introduce the behaviour categories, give a practical demonstration of how the coding is applied in a team meeting setting, and summarise our key findings and what organisations can learn from these.

Presented by Professor Jeremy Dawson.

Working Well workshop series

Interested in improving your workplace wellbeing and effectiveness? Join researchers from the Institute of Work Psychology in this series of online workshops to find out about a variety of cutting edge practical tools and techniques designed to help organisations create happier, healthier and more productive workplaces. Learn how these tools can be implemented in your own organisation.

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