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07-15 November 2020

Health in Changing Times

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Mon 9 November, 12:00pm 1 hours 20 minutes

This event has passed. Watch a recording of the session above.

In this live online event, health policy experts from across the UK responded to the documentary film Brexit, Health & Me, discussing the impact of Brexit on the NHS and public health.

Leaving the EU was famously associated with more money for the NHS. But what are the actual effects of Brexit on health and health care in the UK, and beyond? What will happen to NHS staffing, supply of medicines, devices and equipment, biomedical research, public health standards like food safety or air quality? How will the integrated healthcare system on the island of Ireland work? How will the end of the transition period affect health? How does all this interact with tackling the COVID-19 pandemic?

ShoutOut UK’s feature length documentary Brexit, Health & Me explored these questions and reported on ESRC-funded research undertaken by the University of Sheffield and Queen’s University Belfast.


  • Damien McCallion Director General, Cross Border Health and Social Care, Northern Ireland
  • Dr Layla McCay, Director of International Relations, NHS Confederation
  • Bernie McCrory, Chief Officer, Cross Border Health and Social Care, Northern Ireland
  • Alison Moore, Health Sciences Journal Correspondent for the South East (Chair)
  • Dr Paul Darragh, Member of the British Medical Association UK Board of Science, British Medical Association UK Council
  • Dr Philippa Whitford, MP for Central Ayrshire, Scotland
  • Dr Paul Williams, former MP for Stockton South 2017-2019, from the ‘red wall’ in the north of England

This event was a partnership between UK in a Changing Europe, the University of Sheffield, Queen’s University Belfast and ShoutOut UK.

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